Military Vehicles

For over 40 years, Shaw Development has been a trusted provider of fluid management solutions for military vehicles/marine applications. Combining aerospace engineering capabilities with expertise in heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing, the Shaw team is renowned for providing innovative products to the Military Industry supporting our War Fighters.

With a range of expert System Engineering Solutions and System Manufacturing capabilities, Shaw is the go-to expert team for the military industry and contractors.

Shaw offers both composite, metallic and aluminum hydraulic fuel tanks/reservoir systems and components that utilizes a wide variety of ballistic self-sealing technologies selections to meet customer needs and protection.

Shaw is dedicated to delivering supreme fuel system solutions that not only are designed for survivability, but are designed to enhance your program’s performance. Our mission is simple: become a valued strategic partner providing system expertise as an extension of your engineering team.

High Flow Refueling Systems (1)_1

For improved speed, safety, flexibility and effectiveness to exit dangerous scenarios to keep troops and equipment safe.

  • Can be performed remotely or autonomously under chemical or biological warfare conditions

Shaw is a trusted expert in the fuel system solutions industry, offering dependable and innovative solutions for new vehicles as well as retrofitting existing ones.

Fuel Filler Requirements

  • Designed in Accordance with MIL-C-45300B
  • Interface with MS35644-1 Adapter Configuration
  • Temperature Requirements, -51ºC (-60ºF) to 71ºC (160ºF)
  • Positive and Negative Vent Valves can be added to the Cap Assembly
  • EZ Lift Handles for Arctic Glove or DECOM Suit Operation
  • Replaceable Filter Kits

Threat Protection Options

Self–Sealing Protection
  • Externally applied coating
  • Qualified in accordance with MIL-T-5578C
  • Ballistic Protection against 7.62mm and 50 caliber
  • Fire Suppression
  • Internally installed foam
  • Qualified in accordance with MIL-B-83054B and MIL-F-87260
  • Fire suppression from incendiary round
  • Explosion Suppression
  • Externally applied shell
  • Qualified in accordance with TARDEC & TACOM req’s
  • Explosion suppression after RPG or IED event
  • SAM’s CAGE Code: 59647
    NAICS Code: 336390
    Qualified Small Business

    Shaw provides substantial capacity, responsive service & lead-times, superior quality, competitive costs, and a commitment to do whatever it takes to support the customer with a complete solution from concept to production.
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