Diesel Exhaust Fluid System – Multi-function header unit

Diesel Exhaust Fluid System – Multi-function header unit

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a crucial component of modern diesel engines, primarily found in heavy-duty vehicles. Without it, engines would be unable to reduce their emissions and would fail to meet the stringent environmental standards now in place. As DEF usage has increased over the years, so have the requirements for an efficient system to manage it.

The multi-function DEF header unit plays a significant role in ensuring that DEF is delivered accurately and efficiently. This unit includes various components such as valves, filters, pumps and sensors which work together to monitor and control the DEF flow.

A DEF system’s performance relies on quality DEF, proper maintenance, and accurate fluid delivery. Our state of the art multi-function header unit ensures precise injection into the exhaust stream, which reduces harmful emissions and improves engine efficiency. It also prevents contamination by filtering out impurities from entering into the system.

The temperature of DEF is essential to ensure the system operates efficiently and effectively. In fact, DEF must be kept at a specific temperature range between 12 °F and 86 °F (-11 °C and 30 °C) to avoid any damage or failure to the system. Shaw multi-function DEF header unit is an innovative technology designed to address these challenges by providing precise control over DEF’s temperature while minimizing energy consumption. This DEF sensor unit has high-tech sensors and algorithms that consistently monitor conditions like speed, engine load, and environment to regulate heating and cooling. As a result, engine owners can achieve optimal performance without compromising on fuel efficiency or DEF quality.

To maintain an optimal temperature range, our DEF header units are equipped with heating elements that warm up the fluid during cold weather conditions. The Shaw DEF Header unit has an integrated coolant control valve that can be used to stop or control the flow of engine coolant. This feature is specifically designed for DEF thawing in colder climates with temperatures as low as -11 °C.

The level sensor is an essential part of the DEF system because it measures the amount of DEF fluid accurately. Without this critical function, overfilling or under-filling could damage the engine or decrease fuel efficiency.

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