On-Road Vehicles

Shaw Development LLC has over a decade of experience supplying DEF reservoir system solutions to the transit bus, school bus and motorcoach industry. Uptime is critical in these applications, so a robust design is required to meeting the durability requirements in these transportation applications.


Construction and Mining Equipment

Shaw Development LLC is an Engineering/Manufacturing company for fluid management and fuel system components procured directly by major OEM’s. Primarily, Shaw provides its Non-Pressurized Fast Fuel Systems (240 GPM/908 LPM flow rates, with no pressure in the tank, no fuel spills, no burst tanks, no overfill, etc.), Quick Disconnects for service fluids (engine water, engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, etc.), as well as fuel caps, and adapters. These products are all used primarily in industries such as mining, construction, oil rigs, and forestry.


Agriculture and Forestry Equipment

Shaw Development LLC is a global supplier of a wide variety of fluid products to the Agriculture and Forestry industry including: DEF fluid systems, filler caps, adapters, low pressure Fast Fuel systems, and quick-connect fluid couplers for quick service. Most products were developed exclusively to meet the customers’ application specific requirements with direct support from Shaw in design, analysis, prototype, validation, and testing.



Shaw Development LLC provides the critical technologies that help stationary and mobile diesel power generation systems meet EPA requirements for emissions. By engineering large capacity Diesel Exhaust Fluid reservoir and fluid transfer systems, Shaw provides rugged durability that withstands harsh environments and helps keep the lights on. Stationary power generators provide unique design challenges that Shaw has the experience to solve for your business. These designs often employ a freeze prevention strategy, utilizing electric heat provided by highly reliable PTC heaters.


Locomotive Equipment

Shaw Development LLC has extensive experience supplying DEF reservoir system solutions to the locomotive industry. Shaw has been successful at applying their expertise in DEF reservoirs with their capabilities in engineering and manufacturing to supply reservoir systems that meet the unique requirements and scale for locomotive platforms. Shaw has utilized technologies, materials and processes to provide solutions including


Military Vehicles

Shaw Development LLC has extensive experience supplying complete fluid system solutions for military ground vehicle applications Shaw’s aerospace industry background, coupled with its heavy-duty vehicle experience, gives Shaw a unique platform for design, engineering, and production of fluid handling solutions. Shaw offers both cross-linked polyethylene (XPLE) and metal fuel tanks for your application that can utilize a wide variety of ballistic self-sealing and other threat protection methods.


Shaw Development provides superior customer value with innovative solutions and custom engineered products for a sustainable future. As the industry leader, Shaw has the capabilities of meeting the rigorous environmental standards with our advance technology sensors, filtering products and fluid management solutions for diesel and alternative fuel components.

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DEF Solutions


Diesel Exhaust Fluid is highly sensitive

and most challenging to manage due to its varied environmental and operating conditions.

High Heat

Initial fill


Dirty fluid



That’s why Shaw Development is advancing after-treatment solutions, sensors and filters capable of meeting the rigorous environmental standards including flow, filter, cooling and sensor technology for alternative fuel types utilizing our core competencies and rapid response engineering solutions.


Advanced Capabilities


Sales & Distribution

Shaw Development LLC is a global leader in fluid management solutions for on and off road heavy duty vehicles, aircraft, and fluid transfer systems. With sales affiliates and distribution networks in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia, Shaw Development is in a unique position to service customers on all continents. Shaw Development is a leading supplier to blue chip companies in construction and mining, agriculture and forestry, locomotive, military, stationary power, engine manufacturers, fluid transfer companies.

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Manufacturing & Quality

Shaw Development’s manufacturing capabilities include but are not limited to: Injection molding, machining, welding, general assembly, clean room assembly, tooling design and manufacture, prototyping of all materials, sonic welding, robotic assembly, in line testing. Additional capabilities include full in house inspection utilizing vision systems, specialized gages and test fixtures, and automated quality data collection and trend monitoring and analysis. Shaw Development quality systems operate from a continuous improvement mindset that is data driven with a focus on advanced quality planning and prevention.

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At Shaw Development, LLC, a dedicated Engineering and Prototype Department employed for new product development makes up 15% of the company’s total personnel. Our team lead engineers are members of the Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Society of Plastics Engineers. Their expertise in these areas is the core of Shaw’s design, analysis, development and prototype activities. Shaw Engineering performs all design work is performed on CREO CAD modeling software a leader in the industry for all design purposes. Analysis tools have been selected for their ability to seamlessly work with the Pro/E design models.

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Test and Validation

Shaw has a state of the art in house validation and testing facility. The test lab includes six environmental chambers, and the capability to support flow, slosh, thermal cycling, pressure, and dust intrusion testing. The test lab’s capabilities include thermal testing from -40 to +200°F and fluid flow capacity in excess of 200 GPM @ 60 PSI. Vibration and shock testing is available to meet the most stringent off-road profiles. Shaw's engineering test experts can help design a robust test and validation program customized for your solution.

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